Friday, March 02, 2012


I have not posted any new work in a very long time. This break from my work was due to many different things occurring in my personal life from several loved ones' passing, a demanding day job, and the challenge of defining myself as an artist outside of school setting.
Recently some of the biggest changes in my life have occurred that have made me see how much art is missing in my life. One of the changes is my move to Alaska which being surrounded for the first time in years by an environment close to my childhood home has caused me to miss my work, as though my work is an old friend I've lost touch with. I am happy to say I've begun work on some new performative garments and drawings centered around the death of my fiance and I's beloved dog as well as work centering around my coming marriage.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Meer Morning

Collar made of angora, alpaca, wool, my lost lover's hair, and my Grandmother's button.

Crochet cotton cap

Voldendaam cap made of felt, silk, and velvet

Knitted wool mittens
Crow collar made of felt, silk, and velvet

Collar made of wool, my lost lover's hair, and my Grandfather's button

Crochet mohair cap

Child's collar made of my mother's hair and mohair.